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Patient Testimonial Continued...
In January 1985, a fall resulted in herniated discs in my lower back. I had almost unbearable pain, lost all feeling in my legs, and for several days was unable to stand without passing out. After 10 weeks laying flat in bed, I gradually began to return to day-to-day activity, but I had many limitations. I was forced to sell my horses, knowing I would never be able to ride again.
After returning to work, I found that at the end of the day I was exhausted. I would come home and hit the couch where I spent the rest of the evening. I began to gain weight. I returned to my hobby of showing dogs, but a trip around the show ring was very tiring, and I had to think about every step I took. If I went up stairs I had to pull myself with the handrail, and concentrate on every step. My legs just did not work right. The dog shows required long trips, and I found that due to the pain in my low back and leg I could not drive more than 50 miles without having to stop and walk for a few minutes.
I was always tired, always seemed to be fighting a migraine headache or cold, and after a cold I would have a cough that lasted for weeks, and often months. I was going back and forth from numbness to pain in my right leg, and it was getting worse. I was put on prescription pain medication. It did not work. 

The doctors told me the cough was habit, and the other medical problems were a result of being overweight. Yes, I was overweight. I weighed about 300 pounds, but no one wanted to address the fact that it was because I was in pain, and immobile.
I still lay awake at night and struggled to get through every day at work.
Finally a doctor suggested that maybe I could benefit from chiropractic treatment. 
I actually laughed. Yet another doctor to tell me that I needed to loose weight and then all my problems would be solved. I didn't see any reason to put myself through that humiliation yet again, and as time went on my health got worse. Finally I decided to give it a try, just to say I had done it. 
It did not matter whom I went to, since I was going to go once, get told I was fat, and if I lost weight, it would fix everything. Of course after that negative experience, I would never go back. So, I might as well just pick any chiropractor that was close. Why not this Dr. Tamulaitis? 
I made an appointment and went for my first consultation. I was amazed and shocked by my experience. From the review of my radiographs, to the neurological exam, and then the ADJUSTMENT, all I can say is WOW.
I was told I should come back in 2 days. My first thought was why? But my second thought was why not? 
As I left the office that day I realized that Dr. Tamulaitis had forgotten to tell me I was over weight, nor did he mention it any of the subsequent visits. He just went about the business of fixing my spine. What a pleasant surprise. I actually started to think, "I like this Doctor!"
I honestly went to work after that very first visit with an energy I had not felt in years. The same was true after the second and third visits.
As time went on, I felt better, slept better, could drive for miles without stopping, and continued to have energy at the END of the day. So, I started doing more, and thus started loosing weight. It was not until about 3 months after I started my treatments with the good Doctor, that Dr. Tamulaitis finally said, "you've lost weight haven't you?" I told him yes, and then we began to discuss a more intensive diet, exercise and weight training program. His advice and guidance have since helped me loose 120 lbs and keep it off. 
I no longer take pain medications for my back and hip, instead I take vitamins and natural supplements. I no longer get colds and that persistent cough, and cannot remember the last time I had the flu. I have perhaps had 2 migraine headaches since my first adjustment 3 ½ years ago, and should I feel a headache coming on, I head right to Dr. Jim. I know my spine is out of balance, and his skilled hands put me right again.
I do not exaggerate when I say that he has changed my life. I am now a regular at the gym, I love long bike rides, I get out in my kayak as often as weather allows, I can MOVE again and I feel healthy.
At my most recent visit for an adjustment, I was also suffering from severe knee pain. My knee cap slips from time to time, and usually slips back into place on it's own. It had gone out the day before, but had not gone back into place, and I was barely able to put weight on that leg. When I mentioned it to Dr. Jim, he went to work on my leg, and within a few minutes had my knee cap back in place, I was able to walk on it again, and the pain went away.
Yes, I still have back pain from time to time, and I always will, but it is nothing compared what it was prior to starting in Dr. Jim's care. My job is a contributing factor to the chronic problem, and unfortunately I waited about 20 years to long to get help, so the damage was already done. But, now that I have discovered the amazing benefits of GOOD Chiropractic care, it is part of my life. I get regular adjustments, and continue to see the benefits. 

Thank you Dr. Jim. In March of 2005, your kindness, caring, compassion, knowledge and skilled hands brought me back for treatment that second day, then the third and fourth and for these same reasons I have continued treatment ever since. You helped me when no one else could. I will always be a believer in alternative medicine and healing, and forever grateful to you. 

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